Our Story

What do you get when you combine love, a passion for baking, and only the finest ingredients one can find? Well, you can get a lot of things…but in our case its one yummy, ooey-gooey delicious cookie!
Creator and president of Duchess Cookies, Sofia Demetriou has been baking up creative and decadent flavors since she could pick up a spatula. Her family had been in the bakery business for countless decades, so it seemed only fitting to carry the family torch.
After spending countless months on end; testing different combination of ingredients and different methods of baking…she finally came up with the perfect cookie. Not only would it be a cookie…it would be your favorite dessert…dressed up as a cookie!
duchess cookies at an early age
Why not! Since 2017 Sofia has been coming up with original and innovative flavors for her delicious menu. At Duchess cookies we take pride in offering not only the finest ingredients, we also pride ourselves in offering our clients the most top shelf flavor list around. 
Leave it to us to have created a menu that offers something for every palate!