How We’re Keeping You Safe

We know these are challenging times, and we will remain open to public and shipping worldwide through this crisis. We believe staying connected with our customers and keeping our staff employed is the best way we can handle this, and we will continue to do so as long we safely can.

And even though your cookies will never be handled after baking, we're still taking significant additional steps to mitigate the risk to our staff and customers, including the monitoring, education, and prevention below.

Thanks as always for your love, support, and loyalty.


Shelf Life

All of our cookies are individually wrapped in air-tight packaging. Our filled cookies tend to have a less stable shelf life in ambient temperature which is about 2 weeks, with the exception of cheese cake fillings which is even less than 2 weeks, while our solid flavors (including the Cookie Monster) are shelf stable for an upwards of a month.
If you do decide to store the cookies for later, store them in the freezer which can preserve them for up to 6 months. When reheating, let them thaw to room temperature. As far as reheating goes, it varies from oven to oven and your preference. Wrapped in foil at 400 degrees for 5 minutes will give you a softer cookie. If you enjoy them more cake like with a crunch leave them in for up to 10 minutes.
It all depends on your oven.



We're taking increased measures to ensure all objects and surfaces are cleaned, sanitized and disinfecting often following CDC guidelines. We're also making hourly hand washing mandatory for all staff, and monitoring and logging it for compliance.

Employee Health

Every Duchess employee is temperature checked when arrive to work, the temp is logged digitally, and any reading over 100F results in them being sent home for self quarantine. Additionally, any employee who has recently traveled to a CDC Zone 1, 2, or 3 country must not come to work for 14 days.

Food Safety

Our kitchen employees already wear extensive safety equipment to prevent cross-contamination but we're also limiting the handling of raw materials like flour and sugar to management only  to ensure maximum oversight before the product is baked and sealed.

Information & Education

We're frequently checking for news and government updates that could effect our operations, keeping our staff updating, and reacting quickly as required.


All travel outside NY must be logged with a manager and Human Resources and the employee will be marked for observation upon return .We're monitoring the health of our staff and guests, and thus far have had zero cases of suspected Illness. Our team Is at full health and taking every measure possible to stay that way.


Safety first. We learned that in grade school and still follow that - we'll only operate as long as we can do so safely, and the health of our customers and staff comes first.

Shipping Information

As of now, USPS and UPS  are 2-3 days behind. Contact your respective carrier to inquire about information regarding your order. Once it leaves our facility it is out of our control. We most likely won't know anything beyond what your tracking information shows.

It also appears COVID-19 can live on cardboard for a period of time, so our suggestion is to request a contact-free delivery, and once it arrives, open your package outside if you're able to. And as always, wash your hands afterwards.