Oatmeal Apple Pie Cookie

Oatmeal Apple Pie Cookie

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The combination of the chewy oatmeal cookie, fragrant cinnamon, and the sweet, tender apple pie filling is a symphony of fall flavors that will leave you craving more. It's a cozy escape into a world of comfort and indulgence. 🏡💕

Treat yourself to the Oatmeal Apple Pie Cookie from Duchess Cookies and experience the joy of autumn with every bite. It's a delightful fusion of two beloved classics that will make your taste buds dance and warm your heart. Don't miss out on this extraordinary cookie adventure! 🙌🍪🍎🍂✨

Like all of our full-size cookies, these are 4.5oz apiece, made with the highest-quality ingredients, and are baked to order. 


They will be shipped via the method of your choice the same day they're baked; from our kitchen straight to you. See the Shipping & Returns page for any other questions you may have.


All of our cookies are also made in a kitchen that handles wheat, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts, among other common allergens, and as such, we can't guarantee any of our products are completely allergen free. If you have an allergy or dietary question and are ordering, let us know in your order notes, and we'll be happy to accommodate if able. And as mentioned above, all our cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and as few preservatives as possible, so should be considered perishable, and it's best to enjoy them or freeze them as soon as you get them.